Head ShotFirst Note is free and available to everyone! Get virtually anywhere access to the First Note music program including the video lessons, instructors manual, all the songs and more.

Each of the 30 lessons can be streamed or downloaded*, and are broken down into 4 to 6 segments labeled 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, etc., each lesson ending with a cultural guest.  The segments are designed to be played in succession to create a single lesson, but you can break them into as many separate lessons or lesson combinations as you like.

You’ll have access to every First Note tool and service, along with a growing number of classroom ideas and projects to try out.

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*it’s recommended that they be downloaded for classroom use, as streaming can be inconsistent depending on connection speeds.

Sample Teaching Tips

I love teaching music to our youngest students and would like to share a few samples of the strategies I’ve learned and used in my classroom over the last several years. All 25 tips are listed under “Tips and Training” on the right side of this page. You probably have your own teaching methods or will create new ones but I hope this helps to get started with First Note!

Teaching High and Low with Slide Whistle
Singing with Hand Drum
Singing And Moving
Students Teach High Low on Whiteboard
Transition Tips